Road to Slaying God: Chapter 13

Translator: Grim

Rewriter: Nyamh

Seventh Brother and the group of people surrounding him stepped out of the elevator and sauntered toward Zhang Yang’s table which was near a small stage. It had been set up for the host to speak to the guests. Upon the stage, there was a pair of gold-plated phoenix and dragon statues, as well as other items like microphones and projectors, ready for any type of presentation.

Zhang Yang couldn’t help but admire Seventh Brother. He really was extraordinary. His gentle smile rested on his face the entire time, and a calm aura exuded from his person, making the guests feel as if they were basking in the warm rays of the sun. Seventh Brother nodded to people as if each and every one of them were old friends who had not seen each other for years. His attention put ecstatic expressions on their faces.

“Hello, everyone.” Seventh Brother chuckled, wrapping the guests’ hearts in a cocoon of warmth. “I, Xiao Qi, have been away from C City for a few years now, but I have never forgotten, nor will I ever forget, C City. [1] This is where Xiao Qi got his start. Here is Xiao Qi’s home; even now, Xiao Qi returns several times a year. The majority of those who could attend this banquet are old friends, so a lot of things don’t need to be said. Here, Xiao Qi greets everyone and wishes everyone to have all their hopes fulfilled!” [2]

A round of enthusiastic applause filled the room.

“Thank you for everyone’s love. It’s good to see you haven’t forgotten Xiao Qi.” Seventh Brother raised his hand. As a whole, silence spread through the large room.

“As for why I’m here today, I think everyone knows already. I’ll take up a little of everyone’s time and mention it again. Remember, I am not today’s main character, rather it is our Xiao Yuan Xing. Over these past years, Xiao Xiao has been taking care of business in C City. [3] It’s thanks to him that C City has prospered. Everyone has witnessed his great competency. So, now I announce that all related business here in C City will be under Xiao Xiao’s authority.”

Another round of enthusiastic applause filled the room. Xiao Yuan Xing’s face lifted with excitement. Standing next to Seventh Brother, Xiao Yuan Xing shook hands and hugged those who came to congratulate him.

“I have a few more words to say,” Seventh Brother said. “Xiao Yuan Xing’s efforts are obvious to all, and he has also received everyone’s support. I believe that if anyone can perform to Xiao Xiao’s level, there will come an opportunity to be promoted. I also know there are many who want to be promoted. So, I will say this: as long as you have the ability, as long as you have the determination, as long as you have the perseverance, then a chance to rise to greater heights will undoubtedly appear.”

Seventh Brother’s eyes scanned the crowd and when his gaze landed on Zhang Yang and Liu Biao, he softly nodded and gave them a smile. It was a small action that went unnoticed by everyone. Except for Zhang Yang who had felt and seen that small moment when Seventh Brother’s regard had focused on them.

Applause started again, but Seventh Brother immediately called for silence.

“Actually, what I had started announcing is not important; there is another more important thing I have to announce.” Seventh Brother smiled as he acted out an artful pause before his next sentence.

Zhang Yang could feel everyone in the room still. There was something more important? What could be more important than Xiao Yuanxing being promoted?

“Today, September fourth, is Xiao Xiao’s 36th birthday! Today, Xiao Xiao is our birthday star! Come, let us all wish Xiao Xiao a happy birthday and give him our wishes to have all his hopes fulfilled!”

Seventh Brother handed off the microphone to one of the hostesses. His hands free, Seventh Brother started clapping. Instantly, applause surged like powerful water and rang out for a long time. Many people considered Xiao Yuan Xing with envy. To be able to have Seventh Brother personally come to Xiao Yuan Xing’s birthday banquet and even personally host the event, this glory was enough to make everyone envious.

Presently, the only person not paying attention to Xiao Yuan Xing was Zhang Yang. Instead, he was busy considering Seventh Brother. This Seventh Brother was really extraordinary. His every action impacted each person in the banquet hall, and his even temperament had left Zhang Yang a bit intoxicated. Zhang Yang didn’t even know how this had happened at the thought of a man, but Zhang Yang felt that Seventh Brother’s every move and expression contained a powerful aura.

Of course, Zhang Yang didn’t understand that Seventh Brother’s imposing air was something that had been cultivated as a result of being a leader who had control over life and death. Zhang Yang was too young, so of course he naturally didn’t understand such a thing. But those fragments of knowledge inside of Zhang Yang resonated with that formidable air that surrounded Seventh Brother. As a result, instead of feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, Zhang Yang actually felt comfortable.

“Thank you, everyone!” Xiang Yuan Xing took the microphone and bowed deeply. Zhang Yang’s eyes narrowed as he considered Xiang Yuan Xing. Compared to Seventh Brother, Xiao Yuan Xing lacked the deep presence that Seventh Brother exuded. In fact, Xiao Yuan Xing didn’t only need a bit more experience to cross the gap between them. He needed much much more. Impossibly more. Because the gap between them was monstrous. Uncrossable.

“First, I want to thank Seventh Brother for his support. Secondly, this Xiao would like to thank everyone for all the love you’ve given me over the years. I’m a rough fellow, so I don’t have much to say but rest assured—no matter how I change, I will still be the same Xiao Yuan Xing…”

Xiao Yuan Xing may have continued talking, but Zhang Yang had stopped listening. He felt sluggish, and he didn’t know why. It was strange and suspicious because there was nothing that could cause this feeling of lethargy. How strange—it was almost as if something was beckoning to him.

After a while, as Zhang Yang observed the surrounding environment and the people within it, he felt the inklings of understanding dawn on him. Privilege. It was all about the rights and advantages a man desired from birth. And within Zhang Yang’s mind, the fragments of the very best from many professions and walks of life made themselves known. Naturally, Zhang Yang felt the distinct call to gain his own rights. The rights that the best within him said he deserved.

“Let’s go.” Liu Biao yanked Zhang Yang from the chair, pulling him out of his introspection.  

“Okay, okay.” Almost tripping, Zhang Yang closely followed behind Liu Bo, going with the flow of people heading outside.

Zhang Yang noticed that Seventh Brother had already walked outside and was still surrounded by dozens of people. A row of luxurious cars waited. Zhang Yang couldn’t see the brand of the cars, but he was certain they were all name brand cars. After all, Seventh Brother would never ride in a common car.

When Zhang Yang and Liu Bo finally arrived near the entrance, they saw Xiao Yuan Xing standing at the doors seeing guests off. As Zhang Yang watched, Xiao Yuan Xing’s expression shifted, and a sharp, fiendish aura suddenly hid behind his smile.

Was this the same gentle and calm Xiao Yuan Xing who had stood beside Seventh Brother? Even more puzzling was the awe in the eyes of the many guests who stared at Xiao Yuan Xing.

Was it even possible for a person to change this much?

While Zhang Yang’s imagination had been running rampant, he and Liu Biao landed right in front of Xiao Yuan Xing.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] Seventh brother calls himself “Xiao Qi” which means “little seven” or “small seven.”

[2] Wishing people to have all their hopes fulfilled is a Chinese idiom that expresses good will to the recipient of the phrase.

[3] “Xiao Xiao” = “little Xiao.”

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