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Who We Are

Most of us are people. Except for Slim: he’s a cat. And Grim, the Hamster God. Either way, all of us here have a passion for good stories and the verve to ensure they spread like wildfire.

What We Do

Translate and edit web novels and light novels, ensuring they are understandable for a western audience. We utilize western story techniques and formatting to enhance foreigner reading experiences.

What to Expect

A high-quality standard

NO MTLs. Ever.

Hand-jammed translations by real-life translators

Editors and proofreaders for every single chapter

Original art

Consistent releases

An invested team

A respectful community

What We Believe

Our team is comprised of individuals who dislike the issues that appear in line-by-line translations. Oftentimes the formatting is bizarre, the dialogue is awkward, and the language translates unnaturally. So, as a team, we’ve decided to ensure our novels are friendlier for Western audiences. In this way, we will be able to pave the way between cultures and increase our understanding of each other by creating a bridge with our translations and edits. Please see our translator’s notes for cultural references. 

In addition, our team is comprised of individuals from all walks of life and cultures. So, we prioritize respect and understanding in our community. If, at any moment, you feel uncomfortable, please contact us so we can assist in making this community safe for everyone.

And while this should not need to be stated, we deem it important as a statement of our stance on this topic—Humor is awesome but not at the expense of someone going through a shitty time. If ever you find someone who may be struggling and you think they need professional help, send them to these great resources:

  1. Call 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Line)
  2. Crisis Text Line
  3. For LGBTQIA Youth and Families
  4. Top 10 Suicide Prevention Resources

Where We Are Headed

We strive to improve our quality, grow our team, and become a pillar in the translations community. If you see a way we can become better, we would love to hear from you. Please go to our “Contact Us” page and make your voice heard <3