A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special: Chapter 25.2

The Returner’s Passion

Disclaimer: April Fool’s!

Translator: Papago
Rewriter: Slimicee and Nyamh

Desir turned around to find Pram standing in the doorway, excitement lighting up his face. Pram panted heavily, rough and jagged gasps rising between them. Pram must have rushed here as quickly as possible.

“What’s up, Pram?” Desir asked with a smile.

“Something amazing just happened, Mr. Desir!” Pram could hardly contain his elation. “Some Professors needed students to test out an artificial Shadow World. Since we’re Single Rankers now, I convinced them to let us do it!”

“Testing an artificial Shadow World…” Desir’s voice trailed off as he fell into thought once again. This would be a great opportunity for training, and it wasn’t as if all this paperwork couldn’t be saved for later.

But the quiet weighed heavily on Pram who took Desir’s silence as a refusal. Pram’s smiling face fell. Dejected, he said, “Oh, you’re probably busy, Mr. Desir.” Tears formed in the young boy’s eyes. “Sorry for accepting an offer like this without talking to you first. I’ll go explain to the researchers tha—”

“No, no wait!” Desir shouted. The last thing he wanted to do was make cute little Pram cry. “I think it’s a great idea, Pram. In fact, we’ll head over there as soon as Roma—”

“NO!” Pram yelled, cutting off Desir’s sentence. Pram’s face blushed red as he turned down to the floor. “I-It’s only for two people, so I was thinking just you and I could go…”

Desir grinned. Pram’s shyness was cute as always. “Well, if it’s only for two people, it can’t be helped.” Desir opened a drawer at this desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. “We’ll leave a note for Romantica. Studying is more important for her than practical training anyway.”

Together, Desir and Pram walked to the Shadow World research facilities. Perhaps “together” wasn’t the best way to describe how they were strolling. Because Pram’s arms curled tightly around Desir’s right arm, effectively gluing himself to Desir’s side. The young boy was practically jumping with joy, humming a cheery tune as the two continued through the corridors of Hebrion Academy.

Before long, the doors of the research center stood before them. Pram rushed forward and flung them open, beckoning Desir to follow him as he ran ahead. It only took Desir a a few seconds to catch up to Pram who was speaking with two researchers, most likely the ones running this experiment. One of the researchers noticed Desir’s approach. “Ah, perfect,” the researcher said. “I’m glad you both could make it on such short notice. It’s not easy to find students skilled enough to be trusted to test Shadow Worlds, let alone Single Rankers.”

“It’s no problem,” Desir replied. “We’re glad to help, but we’re naturally busy ourselves. Can we get started now?”

One of the researchers said, “Certainly. “Everything is already prepared.” Both researchers walked over to the control panel and began preparing the Shadow World’s activation. “For the sake of testing the Shadow World’s difficulty, we can’t give you any information on the mission itself, though it should be a Class 4 world.”

Desir and Pram both nodded, and stepped forward in preparation. Just as it had done before the final tournament, the Shadow Gate bulged outwards, quickly expanding towards the two of them. But, just before the gate reached him, Desir heard one of the researchers exclaim, “Wait, isn’t this—”  His words cut off as the Gate reached Desir, transporting him into the Shadow World.

Desir was shocked by the scenery around him. He stood on a beach; the sound of the waves surging onto shore filled Desir with a surprising calm. Turning his back to the sea, Desir faced  a veritable jungle dotted with palm trees and a dense underbrush. Just as he finished taking in his surroundings, an information window appeared. Shockingly, it only said:

| Objective: Enjoy a day of relaxation at the beach.

Desir did a double-take after reading the objective. ‘Would the researchers really need to test the difficulty of something like this?’ He thought back to what he’d heard right before entering the Shadow World. Perhaps they had accidentally sent the two of them to the wrong Shadow World. Though he was still confused, Desir decided that he might as well take advantage of the situation and enjoy himself. They couldn’t leave until the  end of the day anyway.

With that out of the way, Desir’s next objective was to find Pram. As he looked around, he noticed a blue-haired figure standing farther down the beach. ‘That was easier than expected,’ Desir thought. He rushed towards Pram. However, as Desir got closer, he wondered, ‘Is that really Pram?’ Something was off. This person shared the exact same vibrant blue hair and height, but they weren’t Pram. Because Pram had never been this petite, nor had he ever worn a women’s bathing suit. But as the figure turned around, Desir’s eyes widened. It was Pram. But his face exuded a feminine allure with softer lines and full lips.

Mouth agape, Desir finally managed to speak. “P-Pram? Is that you?”

“Oh, Mr. Desir…I-I don’t know what happened!” Had Pram’s voice always been so lyrical? “I was like this when I got here,” Pram said, his soft voice winding around Desir sonorously, as if Pram had wrapped his arms around Desir again. “And now my body’s all different!” Pram exclaimed. As if to prove what he said was true, Pram started to unzip his jacket, revealing velvet soft skin and an ample pair of perky breasts.

Heat suffused Desir’s face. “Pram! Wait, stop! I believe you!” But despite himself, Desir couldn’t look away. His heart pounded loud and hard in his chest. This was Pram? This half-dressed girl-like Pram posing in front of him…

Pram stopped unzipping his jacket. “Oh, am I causing you trouble, Mr. Desir? I’m sorry.” But instead of sounding apologetic, Pram’s voice lilted with seduction. Like a predator closing in on its prey. “If there’s any way I can make it up to you…Any way at all…” Pram coily played with the zipper of his jacket, looking at Desir with a smirk.

‘Laugh,’ Desir told himself. ‘You need to laugh right now.’ To keep up appearances. So, Desir laughed. Inside, though, fear filled him. ‘I’m just overthinking things. Pram’s acting the same as always. I’m only getting different vibes because he’s a she right now.’

“Well, if you want to help me,” Desir said. “Start by telling me what your mission objective is.”

Pram, startled by Desir’s inquiry, began to stutter while trying to answer him.

“It’s fine, Pram. I’m sure you’re still confused from everything that has happened. My objective says to ‘Enjoy a day of relaxation at the beach.’ What does yours say?”

“Aha yeah, that’s what mine says, too, Mr. Desir!” Pram said, her voice carrying a hint of relief.

Desir smiled, his worries erased by Pram’s innocent nature. “Seeing as we have nothing else to do, you want to go have some fun, Pram?”

“YES!” Pram shouted enthusiastically, jumping up into the air.

Laughing, the two of them ran towards the water. Desir stripped down to his undergarments and gave Pram his shirt in place of the jacket Pram previously wore.

They both dived into the sea; neither of them had swam in the ocean before. But that didn’t deter them from splashing around for hours.

The sun set over the sea, lighting the horizon ablaze with a crimson color. Exhausted from their non-stop swimming, Pram and Desir finally dragged themselves to shore. They laid on their backs and stared up at the darkening sky, the only audible sounds being the waves crashing on the shore and their own panting.

“I think we’ve fulfilled the mission objective. All that’s left is to wait until the day’s over.” Desir sighed with satisfaction. All things considered, this had definitely been a day of relaxation for him.

“A-Actually, it’s not complete just yet, Mr. Desir.” Pram’s voice held notes of excitement. “When I told you we had the same objective earlier…I was lying.”

Before Desir had time to react, Pram rolled over and slid on top of him. Face to face, their noses almost touched as they held each other’s gazes. Time slowed as they breathed the same air.  

But then Desir stirred. “Pram! What’re you trying to—”

Pram captured Desir’s lips in a kiss. Passionate and fast. Desir knew he should stop this, but then Pram nipped Desir’s lower lip and ecstasy overwhelmed him. He couldn’t stop now.

Finally, Pram released Desir from her embrace, staring down at him with a heated gaze, her tongue sliding along her lips. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, Mr. Desir, but I never had the chance. If only I hadn’t been born as a boy.” Pram stretched her pink lips in a tantalizing grin. “But now, in here, I don’t need to worry about that.”

Pram sat up, straddling Desir’s pelvis. His heated gaze left a hot path down Pram’s body.

Desir panted, trying to calm himself down. But then Pram played with the edge of her wet shirt, making Desir forget he had been trying to catch his breath. He eyed her fingers picking at the bottom of her shirt. Her eyes pinned him, Desir’s every reaction open to her.

Watching each breath that passed Desir’s lips, Pram slowly slid the wet fabric up her stomach, chest, and then over her head. Desir gasped. Pram was glorious. Her chest was fully exposed, and her creamy skin filled his vision.

‘I need to stop this before I get caught up and go too far.’ Desir tried to sit up, but Pram forcefully pushed Desir back.

“I know exactly what you’re thinking, Mr. Desir.” Pram emphasized “mister” in a seductive voice. “You may be uncomfortable now, but I knew the moment you saw me on the beach earlier, that you felt the same way about me.”

She leaned forward again, pressing her naked body against Desir’s muscular chest. Pram placed her mouth next to Desir’s left ear and whispered, “Tell me I’m wrong.”

Desir’s mind went blank. All he saw was skin. Her skin. Soft and pliant. Curves he wanted to follow with his hand, his tongue. His lips. He wanted to get lost in her.

‘Pram’s right,’ he told himself. ‘This is the one time Pram and I can be together like this.” He eyed her navel and watched the trail lead lower. ‘I need to make it count.’ With his newfound resolve, Desir reached up to stroke Pram’s cheek and then traced his hand down her neck.

Pram quivered from the contact. Despite everything she’d already done, Desir’s simple touch still sent tingles down her spine. This was finally going to happen. The high buzz of pleasure raced up her spine.

Desir leaned into her, his lips caressing her own and his breath ghosting over her cheek. “Pram, I love you.” Desir’s voice came out low and deep, practically a growl. His need for her was clear.

Desir grasped her shoulders and hooked a leg around hers, rolling Pram onto her back. He lay on top of her, very aware of his chiseled body over her small and delicate frame. Looking at her, open to him, desire overwhelmed him. He wanted her. Needed.

Pram’s face tightened with shock. She had no idea Desir would want her so badly. She liked this; she liked seeing this side of him. He was aggressive. Dominating. Her desire for him only grew. “I love you, too, Mr. Des—”

Desir framed her jaw with his hand, tilting her head up as he claimed her lips with his own. His other hand traced her body, starting at her neck and working his way down until he found her center.

Pram’s back arched, needing more from him. Wanting everything at once. Right there.

Without another word, they both lost themselves in each other. The entire world encompassed within their arms.

The last rays of the sun dipped below the horizon. Curled up in Desir’s arms, Pram slept, her head nestled against his chest. Desir ran his fingers through her hair while staring out into the dim ocean before them. Though he hadn’t expected things to turn out like this, Desir didn’t regret his actions. Because he finally realized. The love that Desir felt for Pram was real. Girl or boy, he resolved, it didn’t matter.

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